This Guided Meditation Track Is Powered By Autogenic Suggestion Which Makes You Enjoy Soft Whispers That Bring Healing To Your Soul

Feel The Sultry Sound Serenade Your Soul As It Creates A Rich Flow Of Peace, Tranquility And Excitement. It Empowers You To Break Free From All The Encumbrances Of Stress. You Have The Perfect Window To Release Your Energy And Soar Without Limitations.

Take A Cue From The Sweet Rhythm And Begin To Explore The Possibilities That Come With This Powerful Composition. It Is The Compilation That Will Catapult You To A World Of Bliss And Fulfillment.

The combination of hypnotic, musical and autogenic components is sublime. It helps to open the window in your soul to a powerful instruction that will help you to embrace the good side of life.

Many individuals who have used this formula attest to its efficacy and you can come on stream to live above stress today.

The “Guided Meditation for Stress Relief” product is dynamic and holds the answers to anyone who is struggling with stress. Each of the components that make up this work is laced with excellence that delivers with precision.

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It has the power to move the needle in your soul into a right context that brings you true satisfaction. You can use this product to start your day or you can use it to navigate the demands of a very hectic season.

Also, you can take things to a new level by relaxing with its tunes in the evening as you embrace a brand new world. Let this channel take you to a place where you will experience what it means to live in a trouble-free existence.

Stress puts a strain on your life and your soul. It can take away the joy of living as it makes life a horrific grind if it is not properly addressed. Many individuals stumble under its weight and begin to lose the meaning of life.

You can set your ship in the right direction with this “Guided Meditation for Stress Relief” audio.

It empowers you to take full control of your world and war against the things that want to tear down your soul.

You can become the person that holds the ace by connecting with this rich material and all it has to offer. Let this help you make a grand entry into your day as you command your emotions to align and work for your good.

There may be questions that are troubling your heart and you wonder if this resource has the right answers.

Here Are A Few Interesting Facts You Will Like To Know:

  • The use of Autogenic Suggestion makes this a master-class product for dealing with stress
  • The music plays in short cycles to drive true healing to your soul
  • The hypnotic blend gives powerful and relaxing effects to your mind
  • You can determine how your day will go with this product
  • You can connect with a rich resource that will stand by you even on your most hectic days
  • It brings true value in an unending stream and so much more

The crisis in your mind and soul cannot continue unabated. You can put a stop to the warning signs that give you lots of concern.

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What is the effect of this Meditation Track?

Stress puts an equal strain on the body and soul. On the one hand, it leads to internal restlessness, irritability and nervousness, on the other hand, to organic functional disturbances such as circulatory or stomach complaints. But constrains and everyday gripes are often insurmountable hindrances on the road to tranquillity.

Autogenic suggestion is a tried and tested process with which you can find inner peace and balance. Countless positive suggestion patterns awake your unconscious abilities and help you to cope better with your daily and work stress.

A fantasy walk through a field of flowers will put you in a relaxed state. Positive principles, encouragement and motivation will give you inner peace and balance.

Leave everyday stress behind you, forget about troubles and concerns, relax and get new strength. This meditation will give you an ideal opportunity to switch off within minutes, to free yourself from disturbing thoughts and to find inner peace.

The inspiring suggestions are astonishingly effective against stress, fatigue, concentration difficulties, mental exertion and lack of motivation. Simply put on your headphones and you will feel rested and refreshed!

What is Autogenic Suggestion?

Autogenic suggestion combines the fundamental basics of autogenous training as well as hypnotic and music therapy with a completely new, world-wide unique suggestion technique. A complex network of simultaneously whispered and spoken suggestions, encouragement and guiding principles achieve an extremely intensive positive effect on your entire physical and mental state of being. Put on the headphones, comfortably lean back and in no time, you will be surprised by the pleasant effect of gentle words and melodious music.  You will sink effortlessly into an astonishingly deep, soothing state of relaxation.

Structure and Effectiveness of Autogenic Suggestion

The extraordinary intensity of this method is a harmonious combination of several simultaneous relaxing and suggestive stimulating elements.

The Music

A very important relaxation stimulant and thus suggestion increaser part of the autogenic suggestion is music – generally about a thirty minute composition, which forms a harmonious entity from the respective suggestions, fantasy images and sounds of nature. Not only the melodious guided melody but also the harmonious style and its balanced spectrum of sound have a pleasant and calming effect. The rhythm of these complex relaxation symphonies were also selected for therapeutic reasons.

The Suggestions

The special effect of the suggestion method is also created by the use of non-directive, indirect and pictorial expressions. While the “classical”  relaxation and hypnosis methods often want to influence the client with direct, often formal, stereotypical instructions, demands and encouragement (“You are now only hearing my voice!”), the autogenic suggestion allows him the greatest possible freedom to embrace the suggestion (“You are now free to switch off and relax more and more.”).

It provides the ego with the necessary space for its own development and thus reduces the build-up of resistances from the outset, which can severely affect or completely neutralize the success of a suggestion method.

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